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Connect to networks with hidden SSID

Please can we have support for networks with hidden SSIDs? At the moment, even if LaMetric is already connected to the network, hiding the SSID will cause it to lose connection.

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Agree. This should be a fairly basic feature.

Noticed in the Support section that it states the LaMetric does not support hidden SSID.  I have dumb smart apps, like electric outlets and light switches, that can connect to my hidden SSID, yet (as mentioned previously) the LaMetric "forgets" the AP it was associated with if it's changed back to hidden after the device was previously connected to it.  How did this slip through the cracks?  If it isn't supported, please disclose why so some of the brilliant developers and backers can help you overcome this shortcoming.

NOTE: While some people may argue hiding your AP's SSID is not a good security measure, it does minimize the number of people attempting to connect to it.  Yes, it is easy to discover a hidden SSID, if you know what you're doing, but if you did know how to do that you're probably going to go after easier targets.

How does hidden SSID feature works? I still cannot see hidden networks. When connecting to network and then hiding its SSID Lametric cannot connect to it.

@lametric support - you have marked this as being implemented but this is still not working!  I'm running latest firmware and iOS software versions.  The iOS application is not able to see hidden networks which is one problem - difficult to understand at this stage if the LaMetric is not able to see it as I can't associate the two.

Sorry we didn't mention that iOS app v. 1.0.8 is needed for most of the features(usually it takes some time while Apple team will review the app). Android users have all features available in the same moment when firmware is published. Thanks for your understanding.

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