LaMetric is awesome smart clock for home and office. LaMetric helps you to track what's important to you in real-time. You do not need to spend time on digging important figures, metrics in the phone or computer. Everything important you need to know is displayed on the screen, at a glance. Just look at LaMetric!

LaMetric is independent, wireless and standalone device. It works without phone connection needed. 

LaMetric can be personal and shared device. You can use LaMetric together with your family or colleagues.

 LaMetric is app driven. Out of the box it allows you to: 

- use LaMetric as alarm clock

- setup or create clockfaces 

- know weather forecast at a glance

- stream your favourite music

 - count down the days until your special date

- listen to more than 3000 Internet radio stations

- do your workouts with highly visible stopwatch and timer.

LaMetric Market allows you to expand LaMetric Time possibilities.

You can also track your data and take actions by creating app in LaMetric Developer.