Button App is used for taking action when Action button on LaMetric Time is pressed. Create button app when:

  • It is required to trigger some action from LaMetric Time.
  • User must be able to customize text and icon that is displayed on LaMetric when button app is active.
  • You are willing to distribute app to other LaMetric users.

Currently Button App supports only GET request method. It makes the request to a URL you provide and checks the status code only. If it is 200 – button app will show check mark animation, if the status code is 4xx or 5xx – cross animation will be shown.

To create Button app:
  • Go to Create App to select an icon, enter button name and data URL.
  • Enter name and description of your app. 
  • Enable Private app and it will be displayed only for you, or choose Market Categories if you wish to distribute your app to LaMetric community.