!!! IMPORTANT !!! Remember to use notifications feature when your LaMetric Time is in private space only. Otherwise, there is a high risk your personal messages may be shared with the others. 

Make sure your LaMetric Time runs the latest firmware version 2.0.0 and your LaMetric smartphone app is up to date as well. 

Please note that your phone must have Bluetooth Low Energy hardware and support Peripheral mode. All iPhones since version 5 already have it. If you use Android – please check your phone’s tech specs. If your phone model is in this list, you are probably ready to go.

To get started go to the list of apps at your LaMetric Time app and swipe to the left or just tap the circled narrow:

Choose 'Notifications':

Follow the next steps to enable notifications:

Make sure your private messages won't be seen by the others, keep your LaMetric Time in private space:

Go to your phone settings to enable Bluetooth:

Accept Bluetooth pairing request:

You may select a sound for your notifications from the available list or filter what notifications you would like to get on your LaMetric:

Select apps:


Please note, to be able to get notifications on your LaMetric Time keep your phone not far away from it: