To get started, log in to your admin console, go to WooCommece plugin settings and select API tab:

    Make sure you have enabled REST API and click save changes.

    After that, choose 'Keys/Apps' tab and click 'Add key':

    Enter a description, for example, 'LaMetric API Key', select your admin account as a user, choose 'Read' permission and generate the API keys.

    After that, you will get your Consumer Key and Secret and a QR-code with them.

    Now, switch for a while to the LaMetric mobile app and follow the next steps):

    Login to your store: 

  • Enter your store address (for example,
  • Enter your consumer key and secret from WooCommerce admin console. You can scan the QR-code and the fields will be automatically filled. Scanning via QR-code more preferable way because it is easier and less error-prone.

    After that, you will be able to track your metrics from WooCommerce on the LaMetric.

    Please contact for any questions.