To get started, log in to your admin console, go to WooCommece plugin settings and select API tab:

    Make sure you have enabled REST API and click save changes.

    After that, choose 'Keys/Apps' tab and click 'Add key':

    Enter a description, for example, 'LaMetric API Key', select your admin account as a user, choose 'Read' permission and generate the API keys.

    After that, you will get your Consumer Key and Secret and a QR-code with them.


Now, switch for a while to the LaMetric mobile app and follow the next steps):

  • If you are using a secured connection (also known as https) to access your store, please check the 'Secure connection (SSL)' option in the app. Please note, that you won't be able to login if this option is selected incorrectly.
  • Login to your store: 
    • Enter your store address (for example,
    • Enter your consumer key and secret from WooCommerce admin console. You can scan the QR-code and the fields will be automatically filled. Scanning via QR-code more preferable way because it is easier and less error-prone.

    After that, you will be able to track your metrics from WooCommerce on the LaMetric.

    Please contact for any questions.