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Can't wait for IFTT intergration, I think it will give the lametric a lot more power. For instance, IF the LA Lakers are playing, then send live scores to Lametric display.

Even some smart home integration, IF doorbell is pressed, play tone and display doorbell icon/text.

Keep up the great work guys, you're on the verge of something awesome!

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@James, I went back to change the IFTTT word press settings, to change what get's displayed on the LaMetric. I created a new Wordpress action with trigger on the new words, a new LaMetric Indicator App with different icon, unpublished the previous one, and installed the new one, but for some reason, the original content from my test is the only thing that displays. Any idea what I might have done wrong? Is there some cache that's not refreshing possibly? On my mobile device, I can scroll thru all the different default apps, but when I select the one with the newly coloured icon indicating a change, it loads the first first published LaMetric Indicator app. It almost looks as though there's something stuck in the LaMetric device.

Hi James, I've tried a few times now and have not recevied the confirmation email after registering, i've also tried the forgot password option. Username registered was "jamesroseuk" . Could you have a check when you have a moment, would love to test this extensivly. Thanks :)

I just wish I could either exclude the app from auto scroll, or alternatively reset the app text back to a default (as once I've seen what is essentially a notification from IFTTT, I don't want to see it over and over again)

@James, got it working. Excellent instructions. 

@mark I have actually placed spaces between the title and body text to create the effect. The JSON includes the spaces, but doesn't appear immediately obvious if viewing in a browser! The beauty of this system now is that it untethers your lametric from your wifi if you like - you can be anywhere in the world and have your IFTTT channel trigger your lametric to display whatever you like... (Currently you can only do this via the lametric app whilst connected to the same network as your lametric)

@James, quick question... I noticed that LaMetric seems to display the Wordpress title on its own line, before scrolling the body text, which is pretty cool, I don't see anything special in the JSON of my stream, how do you do this?

@James, got it working, the ingredient was available when I edited the recipe, perfect!

I tried getting it to work at my end and got it 1st time! Seems straight forward. Let me know if you want me to talk you through it.

@James I appreciate the offer and will certainly give you a shout if I continue to struggle... I'm going to give the body approach another shot now - last time I tried to insert an ingredient into the wordpress title / body it didn't seem to give an appropriate option bar a URL and a load of map related options!

@mark I can voice chat on Skype if you need some help...?
@mark - when filling in the title/body of the Wordpress post, click on the little recipe bottle icon - it will give you access to dynamic content such as the body of the email, the subject line of the email etc. You could get your plex to write an email and put the 'now watching' details in the body of the email, and then use the above message to push the body of the email to your lametric via IFTTT. Does this make sense?

@james, perhaps I'm being silly as I'm pretty much an IFTTT noob (I rely mostly on my home automation systems usually). How can I do this and have LaMetric display data that contains the dynamic data, rather than a fixed title and body?

@Mark - Can't you add a new recipe which triggers on the hash tags you already use, but set the action to Wordpress so it pushes to Lametric?

@james I'm afraid that's not an option... I can inject many dynamic pieces of information into the email (stream type, movie, user etc etc) but url doesn't seem to be an option.

I can however use other types of notification, I wonder if these allow some kind of workaround?

Mark you are correct - you need to set up one IFTTT recipe per action. Is your plex system able to dynamically call an url or post to an url? If so, I can build this functionality for you.. Sam - The 'do' part of the recipe needs to be set to Wordpress. Eg. IF (something) THEN WordPress.
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