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Can't wait for IFTT intergration, I think it will give the lametric a lot more power. For instance, IF the LA Lakers are playing, then send live scores to Lametric display.

Even some smart home integration, IF doorbell is pressed, play tone and display doorbell icon/text.

Keep up the great work guys, you're on the verge of something awesome!

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I'm right in saying we setup a 'do' wordpress recipe for each notification we want to fire, correct? i.e. one for "I'm arriving home", one for "I'm leaving", each with it's own title and body...

I'm trying to figure out if, or how, I can integrate it with my Plex home media system. Currently I have a program connected to Plex that sends out emails when a movie is started or stopped, and I currently use hashtags in the email titles (#started, #stopped, #paused) to trigger ifttt events such as dimming my hue lights etc. I'm presuming however that it's not possible to inject things into the LaMetric notification, for example the email subject or body, so I could for example have LaMetric scroll the movie being played, or the user playing the file?


Are you doing what I did first of all and setting this up as the THIS trigger rather than the THAT action?

For testing I set up a gmail trigger and linked that as the trigger, then you can set up the action, the instruction work, read each paragraph first to understand the steps.  You'll get there

I must be half asleep as I can't work it out  :/

Once I have connected word press, Im not sure how to build the rest of the IFTTT 
recipe. Don't stress though, I can wait for my brain cells to wake up and try again or for the smart atoms version.

Just out of interest, has anyone found a IFTTT compatible doorbell?

Works like a charm - Thank you

It displays about 4 and a half times on mine, then goes back to autoscroll (which I previously enabled) so I get the time weather and an IFTT trigger - Perfect.

I would be interested in what triggers people are using.  I set my to trigger on new email, for testing, now I'm thinking ahead and wondering If I can use this with HomeKit or similar

Glad you got it working! You can chose to use it however you wish really.. I set mine up so that whenever I leave work it pushes a message to the lametric to say I'm on my way home!

I think I've managed to get it working, thank you!

It would be nice to have some examples of how we can use this, is that a possibility? Inspiration so to speak... ;-)

Tricky but I got it to run. Thanks for your great effort and extraordinary setup instructions.
Yup - they seem to go to spam/junk mail - but I have already mentioned this. Not an issue. Let me know if you have success setting it up!

Confirmed emails go to spam

I can add this functionality from my end if this is something that is highly requested. I won't get time to work on this until next week though. Please let me know how you get on setting this up!


Thanks much for doing this.  I signed up on your site.  I'm going to work through the instructions when I get home tonight and play with it.

One question: Am I correct in my understanding that there isn't a way to specify a specific icon per message, correct?

Just a note - my system needs to verify your email address. I understand these go to your junk-mail folder by default, so if you don't receive the email, check there first. If it still doesn't arrive within a few minutes, re-enter your email in the 'forgot your password' page.

OK Folks, it's here... IFTTT/DO Button App Support for Lametric!

Due to the limitations of Lametric at this current point in time, the setup for this is lengthly, but straight forward. I have invested a lot of my own time into getting this working for you all, whilst I know Lametric are working on a more integrated solution. This should, however, allow full IFTTT interaction with your Lametric until such a time.

To setup, please visit and follow the instructions. 

You should be up and running within about 5-10 minutes if you follow the instructions carefully. 

Please give your feedback here - suggestions and comments most welcome!



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Discard my previous post which was destroyed by German auto-correction. Here's what I intended to say: I'm interested as well. ;-)
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