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Can't wait for IFTT intergration, I think it will give the lametric a lot more power. For instance, IF the LA Lakers are playing, then send live scores to Lametric display.

Even some smart home integration, IF doorbell is pressed, play tone and display doorbell icon/text.

Keep up the great work guys, you're on the verge of something awesome!

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@christian have you managed to work it out yet? On a separate note, I'm thrilled to see how much use people have had out of it. Would have been nice to have had some feedback from Smartatoms - I have helped their users push over 14,500 messages already by means of the IFTTT gateway (a feature that really should have been present from day 1!)

Thanks James, yes I have. It was a simple doh moment, as I was using HTML instead of PHP..... 

We have just published IFTTT apps in LaMetric Store: IFTTT Display and IFTTT Button. We would like our backers to try LaMetric IFTTT integration before official channel launch. If you find some issues, just send email with the description of the issue on Thanks!

Great news!  How do we get the to allow us to connect to our device before the official channel launch?

Just use to activate channel.

Got IFTTT up and running...  Love being able to use Custom Icons.  One question: Is there a want to get IFTTT to not as part of the rotating display?  I'd like to just see it pop up with notifications but not repeat.

When creating a recipe in IFTTT my "Please select LaMetric App to trigger app" drop down list is blank.

Tried several times to connect within the android lametric app to the IFTTT channel, but it just keeps taking me to the sign in page for IFTTT.


Did you install the IFTTT App inside LaMetric?

I've installed the "IFTTT Display" App in the LaMetric software....tried the "how to connect" section, but every time I try to hit sign in on the IFTTT page it brings up, I just get stuck in a loop of re-displaying the login page...


Shouldn't have to sign in from your phone.  Just activate the channel in IFTTT from your computer.  You should see IFTTT Display in the LaMetric App option.

Emphasis on the *should* part above.  But after installing the app in LaMetric you should see that as an option in

Has anyone managed to be able to trigger a notification to appear on the LaMetric? I've got everything registered and configured (LaMetric apps installed too). IF notifications appear on my iOS ok but nothing appearing on LaMetric...? Any ideas?

Friends, LaMetric IFTTT channel is LIVE

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