LaMetric firmware 1.1.0

- WEP support. Allows you to connect to WEP Wi-Fi networks.

- Hidden Wi-Fi networks support. Allows you to connect LaMetric to hidden Wi-Fi access points.

- IFTTT fixes. Improves connection stability and reliability of IFTTT client.

- Clock. Added ability to disable blinking dots as well as hide AM/PM indicator.

- Also contains a lot of fixes and improvements. Recommended to all LaMetric users.

Please note iOS app v. 1.0.8 is needed for most of the features(usually it takes some time while Apple team will review the app). Android users have all features available in the same moment when firmware is published.

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We have just published IFTTT apps in LaMetric Store: IFTTT Display and IFTTT Button. We would like our backers to try LaMetric IFTTT integration before official channel launch. If you find some issues, just send email with the description of the issue on Thanks!