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Hello folks! While I am enjoying LaMetric however I would really appreciate Netatmo app. It would act as a display for the weather station. Full blown Netatmo app with current sensors readouts and historical graphs for temperature and humidity (spark lines). Pressure trend etc. Weather forecast would be nice to have as well.

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Two updates passed, and still no option to do this.. :-(


goes on lametric time

Also show information (netatmo)

from sensors:

Netatmo Smart Rain Gauge


Netatmo Smart Anemometer

Thank you

With respect

Pavel Ira


Thank you, Pavel!

We appreciate and we'll take your suggestion into our account

Best wishes,

I wonder does this app can be updated somehow or it stop working soon? Dear Netatmo developer, Today, when you refresh an Access Token using the associated endpoint, the Netatmo servers respond with a pair of tokens: an Access Token and a Refresh Token. If the previous Access Token is still valid, the newly returned access token is identical but has an expiration time extended by 3 hours. The Refresh Token is not renewed. Starting May 29, 2024, this behavior will change to comply with the OAuth2 Authorization Framework RFC recommendations (section 10.4) and improve the security of our users' data. When refreshing the tokens, the Access Token and Refresh Token will be different from the previous ones and the old tokens will be invalidated. What does this mean for you? If you already store the tokens returned by the API when refreshing your tokens, this change will not affect you. If you do not update the tokens when refreshing them, your users will be logged out because the old tokens will be invalidated. If for a given user, you have stored the same token in different places (for example: an application and its widget), you must have a way to synchronize them because the new token will be applied for the entire application.   Sincerely, Legrand - Netatmo - Bticino
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