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ifttt - clear message (aging/reset)

should be a way to have an ifttt message timeout (age out)

or possibly to use the action button to acknowledge and clear the ifttt message? 

for instance, I display a text message as tagged/texted to ifttt - however this is transient message. It should only be displayed for maybe 30 minutes. (not looped forever) other ifttt uses I've planned are similarly transient. Can options/settings for this be added to the ifttt app/channel?

thanks, Chris

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Absolutely!  This is one of the major issues that makes IFTTT mostly useless at least for me.

LaMetric billed themselves as the desktop clock pebble... that is a time piece that could display messages/updates/notifications like the Pebble SmartWatch.

The problem is that the only way to get messages or notifications right now is to have that app as part of the scrolling apps, but I don't want the notification showing up every 10-15 seconds... I want the notification to appear, then maybe repeat 2 or 3 times and then go away.

I don't want the same notification running for hours on end until it's replaced by a new notification which then runs for potentially hours itself.

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Yes, we need this feature - Perhaps, something LaMetric & IFTTT can work deeper together to bring that alive!!!


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Any movement on this?

Great news, guys!

We have created new action – Display Notification to improve IFTTT support, which is available with new firmware 1.6.1.

With Display Notification you don't need to install any additional apps. You can configure notification sound as well as the priority of the notifications. Such notification will be hidden from the display of LaMetric Time once the message is scrolled out.

Try it out!


While this is a step in the right direction, further customisation options are needed.
Display notification hiding the message after a single passage on the display isn't really usefull, as one could miss the notification easily.
OP's requests would really give a huge plus to the Lametric Time:
_settings for either number of times or total time during wich the notification will be looped.
_action button press to clear notification.
_Idealy, I would like an option for a "red alert" priority level notification, that would stop all other app from displaying untill the action buton is pressed


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Agree entirely with Thomas and his list is perfect.

Adding more IFTTT config options and interoperability is like multiplying LaMetric's capabilities and usefulness x100, in my opinion.

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Hey. bumping this thread, as I would really like some feedback about these ideas.

This article is seriously helpful! I was about to lose my mind trying to figure out how to connect my Lametric Time to my home network. Now I'm all set and ready to customize the heck out of it. Speaking of customization, anyone else out there obsessed with Monkey Mart? Seriously, the possibilities with those monkeys are endless! I'm thinking of setting up a custom Lametric Time display to show my latest high score. Monkey business, anyone?

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