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Radio app playing regular m3u playlist plays only 20s of each track


I'm trying to use the Radio app as a simple Player, I've uploaded my mp3 files to my own host and added m3u playlist file. It works in Radio but there is one issue. Each track is played for only 15-20 seconds and then the app skips to the next one. I don't know if that's because it's designed for streaming but I've reproduced in on 4 different playlists.

They have the following format:

#EXTINF:119,Chrono Trigger
#EXTINF:159,Peaceful Days


Is that a bug or I'm holding it wrong? :)

Kind regards,



We are checking the issue. We will let you know the results as soon as possible.



@Wiktor, we have tried a playlist with a couple of mp3 files we could find. Radio app had played all songs without the issue. Is it possible to get your m3u playlist with 2 or 3 mp3 files for testing? Thank you.

Thanks for checking this issue. Maybe it's a server issue? Try this playlist:
It plays fine on my PC but the first song (as well as any other) is cut while playing on Time.

Thanks for this excellent device! :)

@Wiktor, we have investigated the issue. Looks like this is a server problem. The reason why LaMetric Time skips song is that SSL connection gets suddenly dropped by Nginx in 30 seconds. So, probably it is worth trying HTTP protocol instead or playing with some security settings. Hope it helps.

It surely helps! Thank you very much for this detailed report and the excellent device :-)

Have a nice day!


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