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Slower speed for Scroll Text (not for typewriter text)

There is no way to adjust the speed of the scrolltext. Only for typewriter text you can adjust the speed. Please implement this feature for scrolltext, too.

This is a feature that looks so simple to add (please forgive me if it's not the case) that I don't understand the reason so not add it! I don't like the typewriter mode, I prefere the scroll, but we need a option to set the scroll speed, please review this!

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After 4yrs this reply from LaMetric Support seemed like welcome news. But alas, the actual feature we all want here is the ability to slow down (or speed up) the scrolling text. The sliding and typewriter text is uncomfortable to read at any speed. I guess we might have to wait another 4yrs.

Just bubbling this feature request back up.  I've implemented a stock ticker and the text scrolls way too fast to actually read.
In common with the adjustments of the other text types - please add a speed adjustment to the scrolling text.

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