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Show Photovoltaic statistics


i am a proud owner of an new photovoltaic unit, and it would be great to see the current power output from my modules.

Currently i have a Fronius Gen24 inverter, which shows the current power on the web interface. Would be great to grab this value and show it on my clocks.

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There is an open API for Fronius PV inverters. Fronius Solar API V1 documentation: I hope this can help somebody to create an app for LaMetric Time.

Would be nice if someone would do the same for the Solax inverter.

Token ID, API is available for me—What else do you need?



this app is not longer necessary, just just the My Data DIY App it works great to display the Fronius Data :)

Hi Dirk R. ,

is it possible that you explain us how we have to configure the My Data DIY app?

Thanks JO!

sure, open the api on your local computer


now you can see different values like this:


Open your APP


Http Poll Config: The url from above with your ip

Data Format: Any Json/XML

Click "Frames"


Name: for example "Power Solar"

Frame Type: Data

Text: {P_PV} W

If you have a batterie {SOC} will show you the charging level

Wow, that’s cool, thank you! Have immediately to test this after my PV install is completed in November ;) Thanks JO!!

@ju, nearly the same should work for your api... except the url

and the data fields have different names, just look at the output from this url with YOUR token ID and then you have the values needed for the app

Many thanks! :)

@Dirk R.

You are my hero..., thanks!

@Dirk R. That's useful. Thanks

It would be great if you could share slope your tips to achieve such high efficiency for everyone to know. 

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