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Create Multiple Instances of Apps

It would be nice to be able to publish multiple instances of the same app to the device.  For example:

2 instances of the countdown app: 1 for Christmas, 1 for a wedding anniversary

2 instances of the weather app: 1 for home and 1 for a travel destination

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Some of the apps have this already.  Though the access to this feature is odd.  Hold down on the icon (on your phone) and wait.  The app might offer you this ability as an alternative to delete.

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Hmm, yes, it seems you can do that with the countdown app.  Very odd implementation tho.

I would love this, I have placed my LaMetric in my family home. I'd like to show notifications for multiple people (like Twitter/Calendar/Facebook/IFTTT) and just have the sound different, so all of person A's notifications has a different sound to person B.

That would be great.

Since lametric-developers now have the possibility to generate apps with user-defined input, i like to bump this topic. it would be great if one could run more instances of one app. Take for example a package-tracker. 

I install the app and provide my tracking number. Everything works great. 

Now i might have another delivery arriving. i would need a second instance of the app to fill in my second package. 

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I agree. An app showing the next bus or subway would be another example where this would be very useful. Already there are apps like "SG NextBus @ St Treasa", "SG NextBus @ BuUuk" or "Next 13 from office", "Next 13 from home".

We have updated dev environment in order to make 3rd party applications duplicatable. 3rd party app developers should publish new version of their apps to enable this feature for users. 

As for weather app duplication – it is great idea. But the main reason why it is not duplicatable is that we have tight API request limit per day. So we try to be short on requests to our weather provider.

Can we get the IFTTT app to be able to be duplicated?  I'd love to be able to do different sounds for different recipes.

Alternately, maybe allow users to pick the sound along with the icon when setting up the recipe in IFTTT.

I can get a duplicate IFTTT button on my phone..but not on the unit?
You can do this by duplicating the IFTTT app, renaming it something different than the first instance, then going in to your IFTTT account and choosing which app you want each recipe to display on.
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