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Request: ability to delete applications from dashboard


Can you provide the ability for applications to be removed/deleted from the dashboard?

Thank you,


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No probs... :-) (Sorry for all the replies - comments stuck in system - support fixed).

Ah, OK, sorry. You were speaking about apps created by yourself..

I was thinking on the mobile app!

Eddy, the dashboard I was referring to is this one:

Thanks for the vote!

Eddy, the dashboard I was specifically referring to is this one:

There's no option to perform any housekeeping and to remove applications.  Thanks for the vote!

The dashboard in question is the web based one available here...

Few can be deleted, but not all of them. I didn't find the way, for example to allow the clock not to show in the display. LaMetric will be placed in a clinic, and i don't want the clock to be scrolling with the rest of the apps.

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