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Request: Ability to build applications against the local network

I have been able to build an application that runs on the LaMetric that obtains its data feed from my local network.  Unfortunately the web based dashboard breaks.

Here's the snippet of LaMetric PHP that captures the timeout due to the web page dashboard attempting to connect to my local IP (which of course will fail!).

103 		if (isset($error))
104 		{
105 			throw new Request_Exception('Error fetching remote :url [ status :code ] :error',
106 				array(':url' => $request->url(), ':code' => $code, ':error' => $error));
107 		}


Would it be possible to allow for applications to be built against local hosted servers within the local/home network ?

Thank you,


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You could hack a solution for this by using a hostname that is externally resolved to a remote server (so the web site doesn't crash) and internally resolves to a local server (so the right data is collected).

True.... LaMetric dev guys are fixing it - hopefully a new release due soon...

This may help

Thanks @nico - had seen that before but cleaner solution would be for LaMetric to support this and they are - I've been informed that a fix is on its way...

I've been trying to make an app all morning and also experience the crash on verification etc, even when I use my domain... :-/

Can this be fixed, we're stuck as it is.

Guys, we have fixed this yesterday. Please give it a try!

@LaMetric Support - yes web page doesn't crash now...unfortunately the web page behaves very sluggish... (my support ticket also updated).

Is there a list of endpoints callable on the device, or an API listing for for the local network endpoint?

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