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Weather App

 Would like to be able to pull weather data from the apps on my phone. I find wunderground to be much more accurate no matter where you are. Even the stock Apple weather app is more accurate than the LaMetric weather data.

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The default weather app is stuck at 82F for me.

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vote for weather app!

Yes, wunderground is the best. Mine has been showing ~4 degrees higher than any other source.


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H Page, the weather app was stuck for me too, removing the app, and then adding it back fixed it for me.

Wind speed in Km/H doens't make sense. It should be m/s.

Wind direction is a must have for me.

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Getting rain starting in 15 mins alarts from Dark Skies or similar would be great

Weather reports for London are wrong :(

Friends, you can display Yahoo! Weather data using IFTTT recipes. LaMetric IFTTT channel is already LIVE!

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weather for Athens is also wrong, I'd prefer it to be able to use the supplied app rather than experimenting with IFTT.

Please try to fix the app.

thank you.

I tried to create an indicator app from the Weather Underground API, but the indicator app creation process requires me to have a web server and write code to run on it...  I opened a ticket thinking I was doing something wrong.

The Weather Underground API returns a wealth of information.  Here is what it returns when you ask it for the data from a personal weather station (mine in this case). The URL to get the data is:  The 16-digit code after api/ is my api code that I have paid for, so I have removed it from this posting. Here is what is returned from the query:

  "response": {
  "features": {
  "conditions": 1
  ,	"current_observation": {
		"image": {
		"title":"Weather Underground",
		"display_location": {
		"full":"Los Gatos, CA",
		"city":"Los Gatos",
		"observation_location": {
		"full":"Villa del Monte, Los Gatos, California",
		"city":"Villa del Monte, Los Gatos",
		"elevation":"1640 ft"
		"estimated": {
    	   "observation_time":"Last Updated on March 14, 8:41 AM PDT",

           "observation_time_rfc822":"Mon, 14 Mar 2016 08:41:47 -0700", 
           "local_time_rfc822":"Mon, 14 Mar 2016 08:42:06 -0700",
	"temperature_string":"47.1 F (8.4 C)",
	"dewpoint_string":"46.6 F (8.1 C)",
	"feelslike_string":"47.1 F (8.4 C)",
	"UV":"0","precip_1hr_string":"0.00 in (0.0 mm)",
	"precip_today_string":"0.05 in (1 mm)",
	"forecast_url":",        "nowcast":""
} } All that I wanted to do was to feed it the URL and have the LAMETRIC display a value from the list that was returned. Seemed simple... But they told me that I needed to write code and put it on my own server to be the intermediary. I am disappointed. I thought that they had figured out a way to make it so everyone could create an app. That's what the web page said.

A quick comment - if you have a personal weather station logging data using Cumulus then its quite easy to get the data onto Lametric... 

Let me know and I'll see if Steven from our lab can upload an example - its only five lines and then you simply change the option to what ever weather data you want to display. We use it for pressure/temp/wind/rain, all in separate apps that then auto scroll or alert when new data is received.


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Thanks Andy.  The firmware in the little weather reporting box (from Ambient Weather) can report to lots of different services.  I'll see if it supports cumulus.  I have been publishing to Weather Underground for years but recently added PWSWeather so that the Rachio would have local weather.

Just visited the Cumulus site and it appears to run on a PC.  I'm using a little box that consumes ~5 watts that I leave on all the time...  I really don't want to go back to the software on the PC.

If your looking for low power, it can happily run on a Raspberry Pi - this would probably work and open up a system that allows reporting to Weather Underground as well as various live feeds - our output is at if your interested, so live graphs etc and it links into the lametric...

Just a thought,


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