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Switch off flashing separator in Clock app

Please can we have an option in the Clock app to switch off the flashing separator?

Also can we have a date format of dd mmmm ? E.g. 14 October

It would be great if the Clock app could also show a weather icon.

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Maybe it would be better to be able to adjust the speed of the flash as well - that way, you can set the flashing from steady, right the way through to the current flashing rate.


Flashing at anything other than once per second doesn't really make any sense.
I'm not sure I agree with you about the flashing separator - what if you didn't want it to appear at all, or always wanted the separators to remain solid ?

Also, flashing once a second is an arbitrary rate (although a sensible one) - what's to say that someone else didn't want it to flash every 2 seconds, or  5 seconds or some other such interval ?


I'm more for having option to turn off. But why not to have option to leave it steady/blink less frequent too?

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Would very much like a way to turn this off, too. As it is, it's been declared too distracting to be in the bedroom (where I wanted it), so now it sits at work feeling much less useful. Would love to be able to bring it home where it was intended!

Just to clarify, I'd like to be able to switch off the flashing, not the separator itself.

So excited to see this feature show up! Thanks!

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