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Telnet password

Does any know the password to Telnet into the LaMetric?

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Unfortunately, our security policy doesn't allow us to share passwords.


Unfortunately, our security policy doesn't allow us to share passwords.

Yeah, that firmware password seems to be too long and we can't even play with what we bought, not even through the promised API yet... This is the sad state right now.



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they keep everything secret, doing not much :(

oh yes, getting lots of mails regarding buying an extra Lametric.....yeah hell no!

Guys, don't worry. Local API to push some data directly to LaMetric is on its way. SSH access is supposed to be used by tech support in cases if something goes really wrong remotely via TeamViewer or similar tool. We have plans to remove it in future versions for security reasons. Thank you for understanding. 

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Great news for the upcoming API...

But please disable SSH by default and only allow an owner to activate it for its own use, and -maybe- yours, if requested.
Giving live remote access by default to your team, without user acknowledgement, seems like a backdoor most networks don't need and these stories usually end with bad news in the media, like the Ubnt common key fiasco...

You could instead offer a way to reset the configuration cleanly at boot?

Outside of support, SSH could also allow tech savvy people to play with their own device, at their own risk...


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Don't worry, we do not have access to any devices via SSH remotely. It is accessible only inside the network LaMetric is connected to (and there is strong auto generated password to avoid brute forcing). In any case our tech support needs user's permission to login to his/her computer to access LaMetric. Device is new on the market so we just wanted to be 200% sure we have all ways to recover the device without sending it back. But as we found out – recovery mode helps in 99% cases so SSH is not necessary.

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took a while, but finally, we are happy if you do this!
please keep us posted

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