LaMetric Firmware 1.4.0 Released!

New features:

- Added new global text animation style - typewriter, with the ability to change its speed.

Bug fixes:

- The ambient light level of screensaver activation has been fine tuned.

- Other small bug fixes and stability improvements

Few words about new text effect.

The idea behind this feature is to increase text perception in cases when default text scrolling is too fast. Due to technological limits we could not lower scroll speed because it is linked to scan rate of the display. That is why we came up with "typewriter" text effect. It allows to slow down the text and control the speed.

This is how it looks:

To enable this effect LaMetric Time v1.4.1 is needed. iOS version will be available within a week. Android version is available now.

As usually, full firmware change log is availableĀ here.


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