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Sleep Timer for Radio



I would love to use the LaMetric in my beedroom, but I usually listen to music when falling asleep. My wife doesn't like it if the radio is playing all night long...

So it would be great if you could implement a sleep timer to turn off the radio or turn off whole LaMetric (to sleep mode). This should be possible to choose with the app as well as on the LaMetric itself because some of us don't want to take the smartphone into the bedroom :)

It could be in 15 mins. increment up to 2 hours or more, at least 90 Minutes I would say.

Would be great! :)

Many thanks,


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We added Sleep Timer to Radio app. Please check it out!

This is my top missing feature.

But maybe it would be a better fit for the "Timer" app: Instead of an alarm it would just stop (or maybe even start) the music. This is also how the native iOS app works.

Any change that we can expect this? LaMetric could easily replace any Wifi Radio Clock with a little more enhanced radio app (sleep timer, different alarm times and snooze). Didn't you miss this too, when using LaMetric? :)

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Sleep Timer for the Radio App would be a really great improvement. Please implement :)

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