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IFTTT Notifications

Is anyone else having a problem with notifications from IFTTT since they changed? None of my notifications show up and when I try to create a new recipe, it gives me an error message.
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The issue has been fixed. Please check!

LaMetric Time 1.7.7 firmware released!

Please try it out.

seems to be fixed with new firmware

Still not fully working for me. The same feeds I listed don't show up on LaMetric even though they're showing in my Activity list on IFTTT.
After reconnecting my LaMetric in IFTTT and deleting all of the recipes that were not scrolling, I recreated one and it just scrolled on my LaMetric. I'll recreate all of them now and make sure they all show up. It's getting frustrating to have to do this quite often.
They stopped working when I changed the sound setting on IFTTT to None. The notifications stopped. I switched the sound to Notification 1 and they started scrolling. All of these that have not been scrolling have been set to sound: None. At this point, I'm assuming there is an issue with IFTTT notifications with sound set to None. All of the recipes I have a sound set have been scrolling this whole time I've had issues.
No difference here if I chose a sound or none, nothing gets shown on both of my devices.
Ok it triggers now if I chose a sound (bicycle), but I don't want an annoying sound.

since a few days I have this error again. Device just shows the IFTTT Screen but no notification.

IFTTT brings up an error when trying to save the applet that the option were unavailable and I should install the IFTTT app on the device.



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