LaMetric 1.7.0 Released!

Hello everyone!

We just released a fresh firmware update v1.7.0. In this one we made some improvements to the firmware that allows us to do smart home integrations more easily. We started from Philips Hue and Netatmo Weather Station.

Netatmo Weather Station


Netatmo app for LaMetric supports displaying values from base station as well as from most Netatmo modules, like outdoor one. You can track CO2 level as well as temperature, humidity and other values. It is possible to choose your own Netatmo device or shared one. Graphs are supported as well.


Philips Hue


With Philips Hue LaMetric Time app you can control your individual lights or light groups. The best things is that there is no delay between the press of the button and reaction of the light!


As always, full change log can be found here