Firmware 1.7.1, Netatmo and Hue apps update, new Instagram app

Hi everyone!

In this bug fix release, we have addressed issues with the device itself, LaMetric Time iOS/Android app as well as Netatmo Weather Station and Philips Hue apps. Also, we have released My Instagram Followers app that allows you to track your followers on the device.

Now let's get dive into details :)


Current release addresses issues, reported mostly by you (and we are thankful for that), that were related to:

  • Screensaver activation feature
  • Preserving brightness settings between device reboots
  • Issues with Netatmo Weather Station app (some of the functionality is embedded in the firmware)
  • And other stability and reliability features we found recently

Full change log can be found here

Netatmo Weather Station + Philips Hue

We did a couple of bug fixes in Netatmo Weather Station app itself. They were addressing following issues:

  • App could display zeros instead of valid data in some cases
  • Spike chart graph could stop updating

Philips Hue app got a minor update as well. Fixes were mostly related to stability and reliability.

My Instagram Followers

Many of you requested Instagram fan counter app but due to restrictions from Instagram, it was not possible. We found some geeky workaround anyway :). Long story short – in order to configure the app, you will have to go to and register your client (LaMetric Time app) there and only after that proceed to configuration. We created a simple step by step guide for your reference. Let us know if works for you.

LaMetric Time mobile apps

For the best experience, all the fixes mentioned above requires LaMetric Time app v1.7.1. Please, make sure you have the latest version. 


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