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A few bug reports

Hello LaMetric

Just reporting a few bugs I encountered with my LaMetric Time

- When the device boots, it says the time is 1:00 for a few seconds, this is lame and should be avoided

- The philips Hue app is bugged, it seems to lose track of the Hue every day here. I have to re detect it very often.

Feedback from a user using it as a powerful bedside clock :

- I believe that if the device boots IN THE DARK it would be nice not to put the led at 100% like it is currently.

- It seems that when you reboot (unplug) the device in the dark, it never knows that it is dark anymore. I mean by that : if you reboot you device in the dark, the "screensaver" does not apply anymore and the device it uses the default luminosity. 
It seems it has to "learn" that brightness exists first, otherwise it's never using the "screensaver" mode anymore.

- as other have said, even with dark "screensaver" mode, the display is still too bright. This screensaver mode needs options (1) there should be a slider to adjust the brightness down until zero, if that's the way we want it. (2) the timeout should also be adjustable. (3) the screensaver shoudl only appear after an app has finished it's cycle (displaying all the data it has to display). (4) It could also be nice to choose the color of the clock as well as the intensity. It is also a bit sad not to have the icon with the clock in "this night screensaver mode".

Basically the entire "screensaver" mode should be mixed with the clock so that it features some more advanced "night" options.

Just my feedback :)

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