Amazon Alexa and WeMo support, Firmware 1.7.5

Hi everyone!

We've released new software update that includes Amazon Alexa and WeMo Switch support. Also latest firmware upgrade contains bug fixes you have been reporting to us. Now let's get into some details.

Amazon Alexa

Since firmware 1.7.3, it is possible to control your LaMetric Time using your voice and Amazon Echo. Here are few things you can do:

  1. Setup alarm
  2. Control timers
  3. Activate apps if they are not visible at the moment
  4. Control bluetooth, brightness and volume
  5. Control internet radio

You can find LaMetric Time skill in your Alexa app.

LaMetric Time skill US

LaMetric Time skill UK

Skill for our german users is coming soon.

Check out the experience in our YouTube video below:

WeMo Switch

We've also released app that supports WeMo Switch natively. Many of you asked for this to decrease the response time compared to IFTTT.

Currently WeMo Switch is supported (not tested with WeMo Insight Switch though).


So, check it out and let us know if you find any issues.

Firmware Updates

Since firmware 1.7.3 we have extended device's local API, that allows to control apps, set timers, alarms, switch radio stations, etc. Documentation is in progress and will be available shortly.

Some of you asked for tweaks in the firmware. Here are some we have implemented:

  1. It is possible to clone Weather app now.
  2. Artist and song title can be disabled in Radio app.
  3. Wind speed can be shown in knots in weather app.

We have also fixed some bugs related to API, Alexa integration, screensaver, etc. So don't forget to upgrade! :)

Full firmware change log can be found here.