Software 1.7.7 released, updated Netatmo Weather and WeMo Switch apps.

Hi there!

In this release LaMetric Time started speak French. No one is perfect, so do we. If you find a mistake or misused word – please let us know.

We also encourage you to help us with the existing translations (English, German, French) as well as translations to new languages. For this reason we have created translation portal where everyone is able to contribute. Just create an account (or login using your Facebook) and start translating on the website. If you can't find your language in the list – please contact us.

Netatmo Weather Station

Since version 1.0 we've got a lot of feedback about the app and released an update. These are the features that were added:

  1. Icons now change colors that depends on the comfort zone setting.
  2. It is possible to turn on notifications when value enters or leaves comfort zone.
  3. Pressure icon arrow will point up or down according to the pressure trend.
  4. For indoor values it is now possible to set location icon, like office, living room, kitchen, etc.

WeMo Switch
In updated version we have added WeMo Insight Smart Plug support. Currently it is possible to control the switch. In future releases we plan to add the ability to display power consumption reported by the switch on the display of LaMetric Time. Let us know if you find any issues.

Firmware 1.7.7
We have also updated LaMetric Time API to version 2.1.0 and published updated API reference. You can find new Apps section that describes how you can control your LaMetric Time. It is now possible to:
  • control your alarm clock
  • control radio
  • control timers
  • switch between apps
  • manage screen saver mode (Display section)
We are also working on the cloud API to allow you send notifications and control the device. It would be great to hear some ideas how you would like to use it. Let us know your thoughts

Bug fixes
In this version we addressed some issues you were reporting.
  • Not reliable notifications delivery from IFTTT and via push.
  • Issue with automatic time restoration after device reboot
  • Jumpy volume control
  • etc.
Full change log can be found here.

Thank you and have a great day!