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Comfort Zone Netatmo

If I want change the comfort zone range in the Netatmo App, the slider goes to 0. The only way than to change is to press the default button. And so the comfort zone is only 18 to 24 degrees. No way to change.

Same problem here!

I had the same problem, uninstall and reinstall the Netatmo App solves everything.

That was the solution. Thank you very much

Didn't help for me. Notifications for leaving comfort zone don't work either.


Hello everyone,

We are currently working on this issue. We will keep you updated on the progress.

Hi guys,

We have published a new version of Netatmo app. The issue should be solved.

Please check!

Thanks! Setting up comfort zones works now the way I expect but notifications still not work...



Thanks for reporting. We are checking this.

Today notifications stopped working for me, even a reboot didn't solve it. It happened after the cock displayed the co2 level and en stopped going back to the clock face. I had to delete and reinstall the Netatmo app to get it working again.
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