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IFTTT Not Working

Is anyone able to create recipes on IFTTT that result in LaMetric triggers? Last night I started getting emails saying my recipes were turning off. When I went to the logs it said there was a problem with the LaMetric service. So I reconnected LaMetric and turned my recipes back on. Now when I go to create a recipe, it just stays “Loading...” in the selection fields.

It looks like the LaMetric service stopped working and disconnected completely again after reconnecting it this morning. After reconnecting again this afternoon, I was able to create applets again. However, now every single applet for LaMetric is not running and when I click Check Now, it says, “We can’t check your applet right now.”

I have the same issue.

my recipe worked 3 times and since nothing, with the same trouble.

Hi guys,

We fixed the issue, please check. Should work now.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

the issure ist NOT Fixed so what do you say ??



Hi Markus, 

Thank you for the feedback! We are checking this issue.

Broken here too.

same here

here too

Not trying to be pushy, but is there any update on this? The service has been down over 24 hours, IFTTT still hasn’t responded to my message sent before I posted here yesterday and it’s not listed on their status page. Without IFTTT, my device just sits there virtually useless as I only use the IFTTT and weather apps. Thanks!

Same here. All my previous applets cannot be checked. Even setting up simple button widget to send a notification. 

My LaMetric is getting flooded with IFTTT notifications all of a sudden so it must be working again.
It works again at Home. Thanks

Yeah just noticed! Thanks! it's working back again! 

There were some temporary issues with IFTTT service. We were working on fixing this, and our engineering team has reported that IFTTT applets should work now.

Please check.

If the issue still persists please drop an email to

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