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How to stop all sound at night

Hello Community. I enjoy my new gift but still encountering issue to set it. Even I've read forums, no one seems troubled by the sound at night. I wish to set a no-sound and no-light time from 22h to 6h30 daily. I've uploaded Dark app and scheduled it. But no way found to make the LaMetric quiet on the same scheduled. Do we really have to stop notifications with the device (ipad) and set volume at 0 manually each evening and undo each morning ? I can't believe it's the only way, and above all if I want to be awaken with radio at defined hour. Thanks by advance for your advices

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I'm also concerned. I've just decided to try it via Android. I've found a couple of discussions (old threads) here and on other forums. Quite a lot of people are wondering about an alternative too. Here's the one:

Timer for turning of the display during night: essay-display/

My solution was to sell my LaMetric :). Not enough applications and technical issues or improvements didn't receive answers months and year after asking. No life signs from the company... 

It's a pity the the company has so slow "reactions", because the product is good and what we are asking is not something impossible/hard to develop.


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