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Weather app not showing actual temperature


New user here for the lametric time.

I noticed that the weather app it not always showing the real-time temperature from the  website.

The temperatures from the site and on the app sometimes are 3/4 celcius different.

What can be the problem? 

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This is probably because the LaMetric only checks for new data every 1.5 hours. So if the LaMetric checks and the data was not updated, but the data then updates immediately after, it won’t receive that new data until it checks again in 1.5 hours. This causes the data to be very old. Our weather can change rapidly here in Topeka, Kansas so it is a little frustrating. I don’t know if there are API limits as to how many times an IP address can check the site and that’s why they don’t want to take it down to every half hour or what.
I think I realize the problem you’re having because I’m having it too. The weather is not updating for hours. The last couple of weeks it’s been showing me weather from about 5-6 hours ago. It says it’s raining and 66° here. It’s actually sunny and 83°. This is getting frustrating.
My lame
My lametric time box started to play up so did a reboot and now weather app shows - - click the app on phone says server issues please try later.. Hope it's fixed :)

Hi guys,

Sorry for the issue, we're working on fixing it.

We'll keep you posted on the updates.

Currently getting no weather data. Under auto location when I untick and chose manual location I get a problem connecting to server in the phone app. Is this common cos I'm going to send it back if this is a common thing for core features to stop getting data from the server. First day with the device and it's now lost weather data and the screen keeps going blank unless I have my curtains open. Would be better if this weather device was similar to windo2s in that there's a list of 3 or 4 providers in case one goes down...
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