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Weather —

I keep having - - for all the weather information on the native weather app. I go in to see if I change the city and it tells me “Something went wrong with the server. Please try again later.”

This issue is not resolving itself today. I got home and it was happening. Now, 3 hours later, it is still just showing - - for all data. I even updated the firmware.

You may experience temporary issues with the Weather app.

We are working on fixing this.

Same problem for me on first day of purchase. Based on comments in the forum I think I 2ill return it to Amazon before return period expires and see if this device ever becomes stable as I can't I shall some apps and the device auto dims and goes to screensaver even in good light.
A software update was issued today to fix the weather issue. LaMetric is usually really good at issuing fixes for problems relatively quickly.
But another problem happened after the new update: Switch the speed to km/h and the results here: .4.4 km/h (see the double dots)
Thanks however the first thing I did was to apply latest uodate and software says I'm up to date. Seems an issue on their server with weather data. That being said having other issues with the sensor turning the screen off or screensaver on even when there's decent light in the room. Dims right down or goes off. Have had to until auto brightness and screensaver off which is then pointless
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