Share your private app with your team members! (LaMetric iOS 2.2.9 app version/Android 2.2.4 app version)

Hi there,

We'd like to announce that we've released the feature which now allows sharing your private apps with team members, company or etc. Just update your private app (or create the new one) and add users' emails.


Your team members will get an email that LaMetric app has been shared with them:

And the the app will appear as 'Shared' in the LaMetric App Store.

Please make sure your software is updated to the latest version.

Feel free to drop us an email to if you have any questions on this.

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Well, it seems since this was implemented, the "Private" tab would not show up for people that have created private apps (visibility = Private). It won't even show up when adding my own email address.

Looks like a serious bug to me as I am unable to install any private apps at all... >:-(

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