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LaMetric discovery


I have AVM Fritz! devices that extend my WLAN (it is a MESH). 

LaMetric is connected using one FRITZ!Repeater 1160

LaMetric is discovered using the LaMetric-iPhone App when the iPhone is connected to that SAME WLAN repeater BUT LaMetric remains undiscovered when connected to ANY OTHER repeater in my mesh. 

Using my iPhone I can connect to my (cabled) hue bridge when logged in to the mesh using the hue-App, and of course I can connect to all other devices wirelessly as this is how a mesh is supposed to work. 

Any information why discovery in a meshed wireless network fails? 

Can I tweak something in my setup or is this something LaMetric has to fix?

Regards, Uwe

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Looks like this was a temporary glitch. Works now. Wonder why, who's the culprit ... 

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