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Add "Timer" as a new frame type for indicator apps.

When creating an indicator app, you can pick currently from Name, Metric, Goal, and Sparkline. While I feel this meets most situations, I was thinking that an addition option of Timer would be a good addition with the option pick if the timer should count down, or up. 

My personal case for wanting this, is that many I've recently wanted to program an app for the the LaMetric Time that displays various frames based on the current status of giveaways: number of entries, name of the winner, if the winner has claimed the prize yet, the current goal we're still to reach in order to start a new giveaway, and then the last part of having a timer for the current giveaway counting the minutes & second remaining for the current giveaway.

Now, since the fastest you allow for data polling is 5 second - I'm assuming you wouldn't want the display of time to be pushed every 1 second ether. However, if timer existed as a frame type, then while a countdown is needed to be displayed I could just do a single data push to update the frames with the new timer frame and let the LaMetric Timer handle the display - ether counting up or down, depending on what the app needs.

I understand that there is a timer app, however the problem here is the fact that it is a separate single app, and thus you can't set it up via remote code from a web server in the way you can with indicator apps.

Thank you for your time, regardless of outcome.

 - Zoe Hendrickse

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