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LaMetric didn't work with IFTTT

LaMetric didn't work with IFTTT anymore. I try do reconnected in my IFTTT account and in the LaMetric app but nothing works for me.

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I have the same problems No Messages from ifttt on the LaMetric

I have followed the instructions on the user guide, and tried both with and without the IFTTT Indicator app, but I cannot get IFTTT to trigger anything on my LaMetric Time device.

I have successfully activated the LaMetric service in IFTTT, and also can see the Indicator app if and when I have it installed on my LaMetric Time, but I cannot get it to show anything.  I have the latest available software update on the LaMetric (2.0.18).

Same issue this end, I've emailed support also. Makes this device useless without this integration. 

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