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Google Home integration no longer available?

Google Home / Assistant doesn't show LaMetric as one of the available apps to use, neither can I connect both services through the LaMetric app.

Oddly enough, the product specifies it works through Google Assistant. What's happening here?

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Thanks for reaching out to us.

Try the following steps to connect to the Google Assistant:

1)In your LaMetric Time app scroll to the More and tap 'Google Assistant';

2)Tap 'LaMetric Time App' to control LaMetric Time with voice;

3)Tap Link to connect:

4)At the next screen enter your email and password which you used to create your developer's account:

5)Allow Authorize Google Assistant to access your LaMetric account:

Now Google Assistant is linked. Here are some phrases you may try:

If the issue persists please feel free to drop an email to

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