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Duplicate Clock


I have several apps installed in auto scroll mode. It would be nice if the clock would be presented after each app. 


For example if i am in the shower and want to know what time it is I have to wait after all apps had presented their infos....


So my suggestion is that after every app the clock is coming again. For example Clock, Netatmo weather, clock, Sonos Info, Clock......

Currently their is no settings for this, i think its not a huge problem to implement :)


I'm looking forward to hear from you!

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I though teh same when i set up my LaMetric. It would be nice if its possible to dublicate every app.

Of course it's already possible to duplicate the app, but you mean a setting that without physically duplicating the clock app in the scrolling list already does on its own, right?

yes thats what i mean :)

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