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Custom ‘Clock Face For Holidays’ dates?

Not sure if this is already possible, but the ‘Clock Face for Holidays’ setting, it would be nice to see a list of dates on the list and add/remove both original and custom ones to suit each individuals liking. Being able to add things like your own wedding Anniversary or friends birthdays would be a lovely touch

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Hi Cameron,

Thanks for writing to us and for sharing your feedback. We really appreciate it.

LaMetric TIME is a smart clock with clock faces, smartphone notifications, 5 built-in apps (Weather, Clock, Radio, Timer, Stopwatch), and compatibility with LaMetric MARKET. MARKET is the collection of apps created by independent developers which expand the functionality of TIME. 

Among the apps you can found and try LaMetric Date Ticker app. It allows you to track the days to Holidays (Holiday list depends on the Region), time to the New Year, your and your relatives Birthday, and days to other special dates. You can also count days number after you start to drink water, quit smoking, etc. and get regular notifications to keep your motivation up. 
There is such a feature as Countdown with the one you'll be able to track your Date in days/hours/minutes format with a seconds progress bar and be sure that you won’t miss the exact moment when it starts! 

We hope you'll find this app useful.

Feel free to contact us if you have other questions.

Now that the LaMetric Time is a "mature" product, it would be great to have the Holidays list (with text and animations) for other countries other than US. I mean the icons that appear on the Clock app when Clock Face for Holidays setting is activated:


and the text with the holiday name that is displayed after 10 seconds.

If you don't want to support the list by yourself, you could also open-source a JSON on GitHub (or on your website) to allow people to post and maintain the holiday list for their countries. Don't you think this could be a good idea?

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