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Few suggestions for Lametric Time

• Suggestion #1: Better text

- Add support for lowercase letters (icon #49901)

- Add support for a few emojis (only arrows, smiley face, and sad face)

- Add support for unknown characters, that "�"

• Suggestion #2: More text animations

- No animation (attachment "Test Text 1")

- Word Scroll (attachment "Test Text 2")

- Word Slide (Something between regular in-app scroll and attachment "Test Text 1)

• Suggestion #3: Add more settings

• Suggestion #4: Please fix that frame duplication bug when creating icon animation

• Suggestion #5: Please make updates more often

Thank you,







True Guide is so good. I am looking for this information so that my posts are more born. Your attachments are fine. Thank you very much.

                                                          Elastic man  

Dear @Kesamot,

We would like to thank you for sharing your suggestions and feedback. We really appreciate this.

We will consider your suggestion on support lowercase letters, emojis, more text animation and others.

Your feedback has already forwarded to our Team for consideration.

We'd like you to have the best experience with the product and every feedback matters. 

Best wishes,

LaMetric Support Team

Dear @Kesamot,

We added more text animations in 2.3.0. firmware. Check it out!

LaMetric Team

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