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Wunderground app

I put the correct pws id but it’s not connected to Wunderground? Is there a issue with this app?

Dear @ Evangelos Topalis,

Thanks for writing to us.

The mentioned app is 3rd party developer's app and unfortunately, we cannot guarantee its stability. LaMetric is an open Ecosystem, where we created an API for the community to let users develop needed integrations. Everybody can publish his own apps to LaMetric MARKET - a collection of LaMetric apps and apps created by independent developers which expand the functionality of TIME. 

You may try to contact the developer regarding the issue (email can be found in the app description). 

If there are any other questions, please drop an email to

We'll be glad to help.

It seems like you have to up in the ID in the Name field, I have my PWS in both Name and ID and now it works.

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