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Missing alarm clock api


I control my smart home with HomeAssistant and Node Red. Unfortunately, the LaMetric is one of my few devices that is difficult to integrate. Unfortunately, I lack functions in the API. I would particularly appreciate these API requests:

- List of all alarms incl. repeating

- Create alarms including repeating

- delete alarms

Most of this was already possible in API V1. Why is this no longer possible?

Dear @Hakon von Maydell,

Thanks for your request. We forwarded it to our Development Team for consideration. If we have any updates on this, we'll contact you.

Currently,  we invite you to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter - to stay tuned for updates.


LaMetric Support Team 

Privacy and Security Concerns: Instagram may have tightened API access to better protect user data privacy and prevent abuse or misuse of the API for malicious purposes like spamming or harassment. dash

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