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Direct send json to the metric


During kickstarter question its told that its possible to directly send data to the lametric via internal ip address.

So NOT via IFTTT but directly, lots of people have own steering and dont want to go in the cloud.

Please tell how this is possible

regards & thanks

ps: via mail i asked this question already and not getting the right answer :-(

just referring to IFTTT is not the answer.

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I really want my LaMetric to work without this "cloud" or "Internet" crutch (dependency) too.  This was implied in the campaign and why I bought two.  Please focus on this "feature"

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Same here, I only bought this because I could feed it content from the private LAN without any data leaving the network.

And to remove any confusion, feeding from the private lan means a local machine pushing content to the device via an API, not telling the device, through the cloud, to fetch content from a local server...


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not much

i understand that there are prio's

lametric is not providing any info or documentation and hardly react to topics! Thats the problem

now we have to find out and hack on our own :-(

IFTTT is nice, but not for the real IOT :-)

For what it's worth, LaMetric has said that they are focusing first on IFTTT, which makes sense.  IFTTT will give the most added functionality to the most people.  Yes, I know it's not what you are specifically looking for, but more people will use IFTTT than will use Intranet.

That of course doesn't mean you should continue to ask for and demand that promised Intranet option.  Just understand that they will pick the low hanging fruit first.

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yes I agree!, please put the prio on this first instead of other things.
i also back you for 2 sets because of this

i also talked to you lametric during kickstarter.

please read the remarks and questions on kickstarter.

please gibe use the specs, im getting nowhere now :-(

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The Intranet URL is not the same thing as was promised in the campaign.

It should be possible to use the LaMetric without connecting to their own servers.  This was also one of the reasons I supported the project and bought two.  I've been stung before by cloud-based appliances that require a sever that, for whatever reason, goes offline some day.

Please don't risk these wonderful devices becoming paperweights - let us control them on the LAN :)

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dont you love lametric support, they are so helpfull!

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You can use Intranet URLs in LaMetric Developer. In such case data communication will avoid LaMetric server. 

Update - at the moment LaMetric Developer has an issue when Intranet URL is used(, coming update will fix it soon.

very silent on this forum, are the Lametric guys reading any of this?

Right Jesse :-) Thats shy i bought 2 lametrics. I need the intranet api Btw great devices guys!

To clarify, the KS campaign text states:

LaMetric will have two types of API: cloud API for developers that want to connect their web apps to LaMetric and secure intranet API when LaMetric for those working in closed Intranets networks with strict security rules.

I think he's referring to the "secure intranet API". Is there (or will there be) any thorough documentation on how the APIs work?

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