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Direct send json to the metric


During kickstarter question its told that its possible to directly send data to the lametric via internal ip address.

So NOT via IFTTT but directly, lots of people have own steering and dont want to go in the cloud.

Please tell how this is possible

regards & thanks

ps: via mail i asked this question already and not getting the right answer :-(

just referring to IFTTT is not the answer.

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very silent on this forum, are the Lametric guys reading any of this?

I notice the local push URL is https . Is there http push capability as well, for implementations that do not like untrusted certificates?

A small walkthrough with all the options would be great as I'm not sure I get how to "create the app" to push to ?



So far the speed of the text can only be set globally in the app (

@Knuvers, A G:

The parameters you can use are the ones shown in the developer backend for your app (e.g. index, text, chart data, icon...). What exactly are you looking for? 

ok thanks

what can i do with index?

chart data?

do have an example or explanation for these

I'm writing a blog post right now, showing how to create an indicator app and how to use local push with php, will post here.

not much

i understand that there are prio's

lametric is not providing any info or documentation and hardly react to topics! Thats the problem

now we have to find out and hack on our own :-(

IFTTT is nice, but not for the real IOT :-)

Its about time that lametric comes with a plan, waiting for this for a long time. All promises are not kept.

Also nothing going on here on this forum, I don't understand why they made this forum as they are no reacting to questions and if they do its mostly a very stupid answer.

Not sure what is going on, I will now write a complaint to Kickstarter, lets see if they can help.

Right Jesse :-) Thats shy i bought 2 lametrics. I need the intranet api Btw great devices guys!

thanks Alex really great!

finally guys, i can unpack them now and install:-)

will give it a test now


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