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Hiding frames, and full API/communication documentation

I have three feature requests:

1. Can another key be added to the "frames" JSON to enable hiding of a frame, e.g. 

"visible": false

This should default to true if not present (so existing apps function as designed), but if set to false the frame is suppressed in the app.

2. Can (yet) another key be added to "frames" to specify the amount of time a frame should be displayed, e.g.  

"duration": 10

The default should be whatever the current duration is if the value isn't specified, otherwise the frame will be displayed for a number of seconds equal to the value (so the above example would make the frame display for 10 seconds).

3. Will there be documentation forthcoming that fully details the LaMetric API (both cloud and intranet) and/or general communication, so people can do more with their LaMetrics? The app developer portal is very nice and quick to get up and running, but I'm sure many users will want to talk to their LaMetrics on a much lower level to enable all sorts of neat tricks and hacks.

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And scroll speed control, for example, 0 to lowest speed, 5 to highest.


"scrollspeed": 3


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@Roberto I just thought about it, and really scroll speed should be a client-side setting; either within your app, or within the core LaMetric settings.

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@Roberto you mean for scrolling long text on a single frame?

@Jesse Yes

+1 for { "visible": false }. The server should be able to decide that extra frames are required or some frames are not required.

Add { "notification": false } to not make a sound for some events.

Good start guys. Lots of work ahead of you.

"notification": false would be good too... but I think it might need to go on the same level as frames since the sound is made when the new data is pushed...

    "notification": false,
    "frames": [
        { ... },
        { ... },


This would be super valuable - please implement!!

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