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Request: Text-to-Speech

Probably a long shot, but I'd LOVE to be able to send a string of text to LaMetric and has it speak that.

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@geometry dash breeze But there isn't an upgrade available just now that can do that.

Yes, please.. The continuous advancements in Text-to-Speech technology have significantly improved the naturalness and clarity of synthesized voices, creating a more immersive and engaging listening experience. This has led to widespread adoption across industries such as education, entertainment, and customer service.House Painting Parramatta

Hi @AzuraJobs,

In order we had a better understanding of the issue could you please share more details on

Please share any screenshots, photos, or video demonstrating the issue.

Would be also helpful to have your device logs:

-To grab logs, if you're on Android, please open "Manage Device" screen and tap menu icon, tap Support, select LaMetric you have a problem with and send an email with device information.
-If you're on iOS, tap on "Account" tab at the bottom of "Manage Device", tap on "Support", tap on the name of your LaMetric Time device and send us an email with logs attached.

Thanks in advance.

Hello, there is an issue with the Lametric Time: there isn't enough RAM.

The tts would take up too much room, and the case's storage is insufficient... drift hunters

On the Lametric Time, there is insufficient storage...

I know (and me too) but unfortunately this is the only method so far if you need TTS.
Thank you. But I don't want to open it or flash another firmware.

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Can you give us a link?
There's a lametric-tools on Github that implements TTS by downloading the voice data online in a temporary file; I haven't understood how to install those tools on the LaMetric, though.


Hello, the Lametric Time will have a problem: that of memory available.

The tts would take up too much space and the storage on the case is too just ...

There is not enough storage available on the Lametric Time ...

Yes, TTS for major languages (including French) would be great

Me too but in french also ! ;)

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Me too !

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