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n number of frames

It seems that I have to add all the frames to the app builder if I intend to push/poll frames to the device.

Eg, If I add a single frame in the build but fire 2 frames at the device via push only the first frame shows. 

If I have 2 frames in app builder but fire a single frame then both the frames show but the second is the 'default' data.

it would be nice if we could  just fire an array of frames with differing number of frame counts that in the app build and it 'just works'.

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When you intend to push or poll frames to the device, adding all frames to the application builder is necessary to ensure that they are recognized slither io and managed. handled correctly

 Regardless of how many frames I send, just the first one is displayed. However, if I put in more frames then as far as I understand I would have to always send that number of frames from the server side

I'm still having this issue. I'm creating an app to show surf conditions. I created all the frames I'd want to show for a spot in the developer tool (7 frames), but if a user wants to see conditions for multiple spots, there may end up being 14 frames or 21 frames in the JSON. Do I actually have to create all 21 frames in the development tool in order for them to show up?

For the feature to work you must update your app:

1. Go to your app details on

2. Press "Add new version" button

3. Click on the "Update" button

4. Click on the "Publish new version" button.

I tweeted at LaMetric and they replied saying it's '' - I'm still puzzled by that, perhaps it's only implemented there at the moment and not in the device firmware??


Thank you for implementing this much needed feature. Can you please elaborate over what does "dev environment" mean?

Best regards,


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We've released an update for the dev environment that allows to push any combination of frames to your app (up to 20). You can push (or app can poll) graphs, icons with text and UI will be rebuilt according to "frames" JSON object.

Give a try!

For anyone else tracking this I've just asked LaMetric for a response:

"we have this in our backlog. Now we are focused on SmartThings integration and Local API for smart home integrations."

so it doesn't seem like we'll have it anytime soon.

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I also have this problem with the Wercker Projects Status application. I now send more frames as in:


      "text":"b 1 d 1",

 but the Data format textbox in the Developer console contains:


    "frames": [
            "index": 0,
            "text": "wercker projects status ",
            "icon": "i59"

 Regardless of how many frames I send, just the first one is displayed. However, if I put in more frames then as far as I understand I would have to always send that number of frames from the server side, which does not always make sense.

I strongly believe that displaying the number of frames specified in the server side response is the way to go.

Maybe the LaMetric team can shed some light on the technical challenges that prohibit this basic functionality from happening.

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I would like to second johns request and add a little observation. 

After the Lametric-Team implemented the ability to choose how often the pre-set frames of an application are to repeat, while in auto-scroll-mode the count is very unreliable. 

If you create a new application with two frames, then update the application to an app with just one frame  (and of course adjust the server-side output corresondingly), the lametric has quite a hickup and displays the frame 4 times. 

I think it would be great of the lametric where to dinamicly react on the amount of frame the served json delivers. to be honest: I do not really understand why one has to set a predefined set of frames in the ap-builder. 

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 I agree too.

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It did not occur to me until I read this post that I would need to create the same number of frames in the app builder as I had in my polled JSON. I agree that this is annoying. Thanks for your help.

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