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"Power on" when Power resumes

Especially for Lametrics without Battery it would be nice, that LaMetric turns on, when the Power is back on.

In our Company the power is turned of from 10pm to 6am. Every morning somebody has to turn it on. If it turnes on automatically, it would be really nice.

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just get a USB Powerbank for $3 .. problem solved ;) 


Could you please confirm if this is activated to the new devices (with no battery)? I have a Lametric Clock  attached to a external hub, and it does not power on automatically when the power resumes in the hub (need to push the button). Is there a setting or something else that I may missing?


Thanks for reaching out to us.

You may find the SKU number of LaMetric Time device on the gift box label.

Please be informed that all LaMetric Time devices support "Power on" when Power resumes feature now.

How can I know the type of device I use, the products have an assigned SKU number?

How do we know which device we have i.e. the one without capability to turn on automatically with power vs. the one with the capability to automatically turn on with power (without power button)?  Is there a specific serial number range, or SKU, UPC, or model number we can look up? Or production date?  Our unit is produced on 13/03/2018

Many supercaps offer 5v - the same as USB, so why not make a little UPS of sorts to keep your LaMetric on during a power glitch.

USB from wall wart > super cap > USB into LaMetric


Thank you for your ideas on device improvements. Every update is based on your experience of using LaMetric Time.

We considered your requests and the next batch of LaMetric device is being produced with a feature allowing the device to be turned on automatically after the power goes on again. It is completely new solution and unfortunately cannot be applied to previous versions of devices, technically it cannot be implemented.

Meanwhile, you can use some kind of powerbank with your device to make it portable and not dependent on power.

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Hi, any news from here?
Currently LaMetric is just a black block for me on my desk because I am too lazy to switch it on every time... so currently it is absolutely unused by me, if if I like to use it...


So now I'm really in to this topic because we have a new cable box that automatically checks for updates and resets EVERY single night and I have to turn the LaMetric back on every morning. It's the only source of power I have for it where I want it. Developers, is this even being discussed as an option? I really don't want to have to move my LaMetric.
A million times yes. I have ours connected via USB to our cable box and they reset the boxes all the time. Plus our power goes out all the time.

agreed really need this, especially if I'm going to use this as a smart alarm clock .... 

This would be really helpful!
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