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1.7.3 Bricked - stuck on 4 loading squares...

Just run the update, via the android app, and the Lametric is stuck in the pulsing 4 squares loop.


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The solution worked - although 'reboot' after mounting as per page 46 of the manual did not work, 'restore' after mounting the new firmware did work.

At the moment it is back up and running although the store to add apps on Android is not updating and search does not work, i assume its down at the moment?

Good to have it back up and running - this is the same issue i hit last time, so just checking if the manual is wrong?


Another update - I mounted the 1.7.3 firmware, restored and got it back up and running. I then get a prompt on the app to update firmware to 1.7.3 (Echo support), it downloads, reboots and then the screen blacks out with no connectivity, just a black screen.

Not having much luck with 1.7.3, it cant just be me?


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